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Kenneth Wright, PhD
Professor, Pathology and Human Anatomy
School of Medicine
Member, Anatomy, SM, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
10/2005 - 10/2011 ORDN 545: Growth and Development
1 2-hour lecture on Bone Growth and Development for orthodontics and dental pediatrics residents
9/2005 - 5/2012 ANAT 541: Graduate Gross Anatomy (Lectured on upper and lower limbs, and served as lab instructor)
8/2005 - 5/2012 MDCJ 553: Cell Structure and Function
Lectures have included cell ultrastructure, general and special connective tissues, urinary tract and male reproductive histology; assist in laboratory for entire course
7/2005 - 7/2012 Minority Introduction to the Health Sciences program
Lectured to students in the MITHS program on the heart or axilla
7/2005 - 6/2006 NYLF
Lectured to visiting students participating in the National Youth Leadership Forum
1/2005 - 6/2012 Cellular Mechanisms and Integrated Systems
I gave lectures in general histology and cytoskeleton, and coordinated a lecture series on bone biology/osteoporosis, in which I gave a lecture on bone histology
1/2004 - 3/2013

ANAT 303: General and Oral Histology and Embryology

This course provides dental hygiene students with a foundational understanding of body tissues and development, particularly as they relate to the oral environment.

This course was taught simultaneously to students in the Bachelors program on the Loma Linda campus and to students in the Associate Degree program on the Palm Desert Campus, via distance learning.

1/2004 - 3/2012 ANAT 303: General and Oral Histology - Course Director and Lecturer
18 lectures on general and oral histology and embryology for dental hygiene juniors: 36 hours
3/2000 - 5/2012 Board Review Lectures
Gave several board review lectures for 2nd year dental students and senior dental hygiene students.
8/1995 - 5/2012 ANAT 521: Medical Gross Anatomy
Lectured on Upper and Lower Limbs, Peritoneum, plus laboratory instructor for the entire course
Interactive Teaching
8/2008 - 5/2012 Evidence-Based Medicine - a small group discussion group designed to help students learn to ask appropriate questions, develop hypotheses and use resources to find answers to clinical questions.
9/2005 - 5/2012 Senior Dissection Electives
Mentored/Advised senior medical students in special dissections to prepare themselves for residencies
7/2005 - 6/2011 Museum and lab tourguide
Hosted high school and adult education groups visiting the Embryology Museum and the dissection lab
6/2005 - 6/2012 Remedial Human Anatomy courses for dental students
Students who do not pass one of the Human Anatomy for Dentists courses must remediate the course during the break between spring and summer quarters.  The remediation consists of lecture, discussions and self-study
8/1996 - 6/2012 Small group or individual mentoring
Worked with medical, dental, hygiene and graduate students in small groups or individually to review lecture and lab materials
1/1995 - 6/2012 Anatomy Laboratory tutoring sessions
Instructed/mentored medical and dental freshman in the anatomy dissection labs.
Administrative Teaching Roles
7/2005 - Present Director: Biomedical Science Certificate Program
The Biomedical Sciences Post-baccalaureate Certificate Program was developed to give opportunity to select individuals to improve their application profile for entrance into medical or dental professional programs, by allowing these students to enroll in first year medical or dental courses at LLU. Beginning in 2007, the dental school took over the "biodent" program, so I am currently only involved with the "biomed" program.
9/2002 - 6/2012 Integrative Biology Seminar co-coordinator
Co-directed this seminar course in which basic science graduate students present their research to peers and professors.  This includes IBGS 604 and 605.
7/2002 - Present Director: Anatomy Graduate Program
Director of the Anatomy Graduate Program, a program which includes Masters and Ph.D. programs in the anatomical sciences; includes recruitment, admissions, advising, thesis and dissertation committee involvement.
9/2000 - 6/2012 ANAT 511, 512 and 513:  Human Anatomy for Dentists Course Coordinator, Lecturer
Responsible for scheduling, testing, lecturing and generally organizing the Human anatomy sequence for dental freshmen. This course originally included gross anatomy, general and oral histology and embryology. It now also includes neuroscience.