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Lawrence Chinnock, EdD
Associate Professor, Physical Therapy
School of Allied Health Professions
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1/1989 - 12/0000 Physical Therapy Administration
Principles of organization and administration in health care delivery. Multidisciplinary approach to patient management and patient therapist relations. Administration of physical therapy services. Professionalism, medicolegal considerations, and supervision and training of supportive personnel. Departmental design and budgetary considerations.
1/1989 - 12/0000 Physical Therapy Procedures
Principles of basic skills in the physical therapy setting. Goniometry. Sensory and gross-muscle testing. Mobility skills in bed and wheelchair, and transfer training. Gait training and activities of daily living. Body mechanics, positioning, vital signs. Architectural barriers identified. Teaching techniques for other health care providers, patients, and families. Wheelchair measurement and maintenance. Lecture and Laboratory.
1/1989 - 12/0000 Therapeutic Procedures
Blood pressure determination and aseptic techniques. Principles and utilization of posture and body mechanics. Selection and use of wheelchairs, ambulation aids, and other equipment. Progressive planning toward complete activities of daily living.
Administrative Teaching Roles
4/2010 - 6/2010 Physical Therapy Business Development Concepts
1/2010 - 3/2011 Professional Systems Management I
1/2000 - 12/2011 progression Master of Physical Therapy Program Director
1/1998 - 12/0000 Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Director