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W Beeson, DrPH
Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Member, Epidemiology & Biostats, SPH, Faculty of Graduate Studies
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9/2012 - 12/2012

Survey and Advanced Research Methods (STAT 564)

Principles and procedures of surveys as applied to the health sciences. Topics covered include: survey and research designs, questionnaire construction, validity techniques, sampling methods, sample-size determination, nonresponse problems, date collection, coding, processing, evaluation, and presentaiton of results. "Hands-on" experience presented as a combination of lecture and laboratory activities.

10/2011 - 6/2012 Epidemiology Doctoral Seminar (EPDM 605)
3/2010 - 6/2010

Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology (EPDM 588) 

Evaluatoin of epidemiologic principles and methodologic approaches used in the assessment of environmental exposure, selection of applicable study designs, and determination of analytic methods used in the investigation of environmental health problems within populations.  Epidemiologic analysis of selected and controversial environmetnal exposures that impact significantly on public health practice, disesase morbidity and mortality outcomes, and health policy.

7/2008 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology (EPDM 588) - Russia
7/2006 Principles of epidemiology I (EPDM 509) - Russia
1/1989 - Present

Principles of Epidemiology I (EPDM 509)

Principles and methods used to investigate the distribution, determinants, and prevention strategies for disease in human populations. Major topics include: disease classification, measures of disease frequency and relative effect, comparisons and contrasts of analytic study designs, methods used to isolate effects, statistical significance testing, interpretation of results, and screening for latent disease. Laboratory included.

Administrative Teaching Roles
7/2005 - Present

Epidemiology Program Director

Facilitate the application process for students interested in epidemiology. Conduct interviews, evaluate epidemiology program outlines.