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Lori Curtis, MLS
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10/2015 RELG 536: Research Methods in Religious Studies, October 19, 2015
How to conduct research using library resources.
Interactive Teaching
5/2006 Ellen White and Nutrition
Presentation to Professor Elaine Fleming (School of Public Health) nutrition class. Was asked to speak on the history of medicine, placing Ellen White, Loma Linda and the Adventist church in context with regards to nutrition, health care reform, education. Instructed the students on how to access online information.
5/2006 Rochester NY and the early Adventist church
Two presentations given to the 10th grade bible classes at La Sierra Academy, 10:00-11:30, 30 students in each class.
4/2006 Introduction to LLU Adventist resources
Presentation to 110 religion students from Loma Linda Academy, divided into three, one-hour sessions, introducing them to the resources available at LLU for the study of the history of Adventism, Adventist pioneers and other similar subjects.
2/2006 19th Century Health Care Reform and Adventism
Presentation to Terry Swinson's course on Health and Religion in which I spoke on the state of 19th century health care, various reform initiatives, key individuals such as John Harvey Kellogg, Ellen G. White and others.