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Linda Shain, BS
Instructor, Clinical Laboratory Science
School of Allied Health Professions
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Interactive Teaching
8/2004 - Present Interactive teaching
Involved with the Clinical Supervision of the Clinical Laboratory Scientist senior students. Part of these duties include bench teaching and mentoring of the students for approximately 4-6 students, 50 hours per quarter.
Administrative Teaching Roles
8/2004 - Present Course Coordinator
Course Coordinator for the Hematology & Body fluid/Urinalysis Practicums in the Clinical Laboratory Science program. This involves the scheduling of student rotation segments, supervision of the clinical instructors, testing and grade calculation.
Instructional Prep of New Material
8/2004 - Present Syllabus revision and preparation
Involved with the preparation and revision of the Hematology & Urinalysis Clinical Practicum and Corequisite courses.