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Loretta Joy Wilber, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Assistant Professor, Preventive Medicine
School of Medicine
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Interactive Teaching
6/2005 - Present

EPDM 515 - Clinical Trials

Theory and practice of intervention studies, including community and clinical trials. Design, analysismethods, randomization, masking schemes, management of complex trials, ethical considerations, and meta-analysis. Laboratory includes: power calculations, interpretation of published reports, and design of trials

3/2005 - Present

EPDM 534 - Epidemiology of Maternal-Child Health

Epidemiologic issues as applied to maternal and child health topics, with emphasis on analysis and interpretation of data. Introduction to key studies and standard data sets used to describe and compare maternal and child health outcomes both domestically and globally. Includes framework for critical review of studies in the field.

9/2003 - Present

STAT 514 - Intermediate Statistics for Health Science Data

Selected Topics in ANOVA, multiple regression, logistic regression, ANCOVA, and nonparametric tests. Emphasis on understanding selection and application of statistical procedures and interpretation of computer output.

9/2003 - Present

STAT 549 - Analytical Applications of SPSS

Familiarization with the features of SPSS computer package for analysis of statistical data. Includes decisions regarding choice of statistical procedures and interpretation of computer output to answer specific research questions.

Administrative Teaching Roles
7/2005 - Present

EPDM 682 - Seminar in Preventive Medicine