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Mahmoud Torabinejad, DMD, MSD, PhD
Professor, Endodontics
School of Dentistry
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
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Interactive Teaching
7/2008 - Present ENDN 725: Clinical Practice in Endodontics
To gain practice and experience in all aspects of endodontics including complex endodontic cases.
7/2007 - Present Clinic Teaching
Mentoring dental students and endodontic residents in the clinic; 1 half day per week.
7/2007 - Present ENDN 534
Endodontic Treatment Conferences, 7 Residents/9 hours.
7/2007 - Present ENDN 601
Principles of Endodontics, 7 Residents/20 hours.
7/2007 - Present ENDN 725
Clinical Practice in Endodontics, 7 Residents/100 hours.
Administrative Teaching Roles
7/2008 - Present ENDN 534:  Endodontic Treatment Conference 
Evaluate and discuss diagnosis, treament planning, prognosis, and outcome of endodontic treatment cases.
7/2008 - Present ENDN 601: Principles of Endodontics
A comprehensive study of various aspects of endodontics.
7/2008 - Present ENDN 654: Practice Teaching in Endodontics
Supervise teaching in the endodontic pre-clinical laboratory and predoctoral clinic.
7/2008 - Present ENDN 697 C:  MS/MSD
MS/MSD Research B:  Guiding students in defending their thesis (MS) or public presentation of a publishable paper (MSD)
7/2008 - Present ENDN 697 B: Research Project Data collection
Research B:  Guiding students into conducting the actual research project including the data collection
7/2008 - Present ENDN 697A: Selection of Research Project
Research A:  Guiding students in identifying a research project, preparing a proposal and obtaining approval for their protocol 
7/2008 - Present ENDN 725: Preclinical Technique Course
Course Director:  Prepare silibi for Preclinical Technique Course.  Speakers invited to participate in the course.
7/2007 - Present Course Director
Course Director for ENDN 534, 601, 725
Instructional Prep of New Material
7/2007 - Present Silibi for Preclinical Course