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Marino De Leon, PhD
Director of Center, Ctr for Health Disp&Molec Med, School of Medicine
School of Medicine
Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
Interactive Teaching
9/2010 - 12/2010 ST: Role of ROS in CNS Injury (PHSL 544)
3/2009 - 12/2010 Research (ANAT 697)
3/2009 - 6/2009 Special Problems in Physiology (PHSL 694)
3/2009 - 6/2009 Special Topics in Anatomy (ANAT 594)
9/2008 - 12/2008 Special Topics in Anatomy (ANAT 594)
9/2008 - 12/2008 Special Topics in Physiology (PHSL 694)
3/2008 - 6/2008 Special Problems in Physiology (PHSL 694)
1/2008 - 12/2008 Research (ANAT 697)
7/2007 - 8/2007  Seminar on Health Disparities (4 lectures/seminars)
power point presenations, interactive teaching
7/2007 - 12/2007 Special Topics in Anatomy
Special topic course studying interactions of free fatty acids and peripheral neuropathy
7/2007 - 6/2008 Special Topics in Anatomy (Anatomy 594)
7/2007 - 12/2007 Special Topics in Physiology (PHSL 694)
3/2007 - 6/2007 Special Topics on Anatomy (ANAT 594)
Special topic course on the role of oxidative stress and lipotoxicity during in the injury observed during diabetes type 2
1/2007 - 3/2007 Special Topics in Anatomy (ANAT 594)
Special Topics course focused on studying "in vivo" and "in vitro" models of diabetes type 2
10/2006 - 5/2007 Graduate Seminars IMSD program
MSD Student meetings - 10/01/2006 to 06/01/2007 Bi-weekly meetings with the Graduate fellows of the LLU-NIH Initiative for Minority Student Development Program. The class meets every other week to enhance student''s skills to be effective in presenting a scientific public presentation. Student are evaluated by faculty and peer graduate students. The meetings last one hour and is attended by 20-25 students, postdoctoral fellows, research staff and faculty.
9/2006 - 12/2006 Special Topics in Anatomy (ANAT 594)
Special Independent course focused on studying the role of neurotoxicity and oxidative stress
7/2006 - 8/2006 Special Topics in Anatomy (ANAT 594)
Special topic studying the role of myelin protein including PMP-22 during apoptosis
7/2006 - 8/2006 Special Topics in Physiology (PHSL 694)
Special Problems in Physiology course to study the relationship between reactive oxygen species and neuronal cell death
6/2005 - 8/2005 Weekly two hours group teaching meetings Summer program LLU-NIH Initiative For Maximizing Student Development Program
LLU-NIH IMSD summer Program. Attendance is about 45 medical, graduate, undergraduate and high school students.
9/2001 - Present Coordinator and lecturer LLU-NIH Initiative for Maximing Student Development Program
Bi-weekly one hour meetings, special seminars and student presentations, supplemental education. Attendance is about 15 students and faculty.
Administrative Teaching Roles
7/2007 - 8/2007 Coordinator Health Disparities Seminars
7/2007 - 8/2007 Health Disparities Seminars
7/2007 - 8/2007 LLU-NIH IMSD Program bi-weekly meetings. The meetings include student presentations, educational workshops and interactive small teaching
7/2006 - Present Director, NIH-LLU SM Health Disparities Research Program (CHDMM)
The director of the LLU Center For Health Disparities Research oversees the coordination and implementation of the academic, research and student training activities of the center and its different cores.
6/2006 - 8/2007 Seminars in Health Disparities
These meetings have an average attendance of 60 students and about 4 faculty members. Dr. De Leon presents 4 lectures on the topic of health disparities.
5/2005 - 6/2005 Cell and Molecular Neuroscience
CMBL 544/PHSL544. Course coordinator.
5/2005 - 6/2005 CMBL 544/PHSL 544
Cell and Molecular Neurobiology. Coordinator and responsible for ten (10) hours Lectures. Graduate Course.
6/2001 - Present Director, LLU-NIH Initative for Maximizing Student Development Program.
As Program Director of the LLU-NIH IMSD program I have developed and implemented curriculum to complement graduate education in basic sciences at the LLUSM. Curriculum has been peer-reviewed by NIH and found excellent as complementary for basic sciences PhD program at LLU.
Instructional Prep of New Material
7/2007 Health Disparities Seminars
Preparation of three new lectures on the topic of health disparities