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Marlene Ota, BS
Assistant Professor, Clinical Laboratory Science
School of Allied Health Professions
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
8/2011 - 0/2013 CLSC 341
Female Genital Cytology - 12 units - Histology and cytology of the FGT. Cytohormonal changes, nonneoplastic abnormalities, premalignant lesions, and rare malignancies. Lecture, demonstration and microscopic examination.
8/2009 - 10/2013 CLSC 341
Gyn Cytotechnology - 12 units
Interactive Teaching
4/2011 - 0/2013 CLSC 365
Double-headed and multi-headed microscope group sessions discussing current topic,exam material and interesting cases
2/2011 - 0/2014 CLSC 361
Double-headed microscope and group multi-headed microscope sessions reviewing slide material, discussing interesting cases and reviewing exam material
5/2009 - 0/2012 CLSC 481
Small group discussions on evaluating research data, brainstorming results,preparation of oral presentation and writing of article
5/2009 - 0/2012 CLSC 491-492
Double-headed microscopic sessions reviewing daily work load and interesting cases
1/2009 - 0/2014 CLSC 353
One to one Microscopic sessions and Multi-head microscopic group sessions reviewing, discussing interesting cases and correcting exam material.