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Nancy Anderson, MD
Professor, Dermatology
School of Medicine
Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
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Interactive Teaching
7/2006 - 6/2007 Teaching
Monday's 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. - Didactic teaching, textbook review (dermatology residents). Tuesday's 12:00 noon Journal Club - review articles in JAAD, Archives of Dermatology, Pediatric Dermatology. Oversee MSIV rotators, Internal Medicine, Family Practice and Preventative Medicine rotators.
7/2005 - 6/2006 Teaching
Textbook review with residents Monday a.m.'s - 1 hr.; specialty clinics i.e., phototherapy, melanoma, cosmetic, residency director, oversee students, family practice residents, internal medicine rotators etc.
Administrative Teaching Roles
7/2006 - 6/2007 Admin. Teaching
Program Director, Dermatology Residency Program
7/2005 - 6/2006 Residency director
Oversee MSIV rotators. Teach dermatology residents textbook/didactic courses.
Instructional Prep of New Material
7/2006 - 6/2007 Instructional Material
Updated dermatology residency Policy and Procedure Manual, Essential Requirements and Goals and Objectives
7/2005 - 6/2006 Residency Program Director
Updated psoriasis/phototherapy/biologics teaching manual. Updated dermatology residency Policy and Procedure manual.