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Nephtali Gomez, MD
Assistant Professor, Surgery
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
7/2010 - 6/2013 Endocrine Surgery lectures to medical students and surgical interns on a 6 week rotation
7/2010 - 6/2013 Lecture on Hernia and other abdominal wall defects to 3rd year medical students on surgical rotation
Clinical Supervision
6/2010 - 7/2013 Daily Clinical supervision and teaching in surgery clinic. Reviewing with residents and medical students the workup and surgical planning for straight forward and complex general and endocrine surgery cases
Daily Direct clinical supervision and intraoperative instruction and evaluation, technique and procedure performance in the operating room.
Interactive Teaching
6/2010 - 6/2015 Endocrine Surgery Lecture on topics in Adrenal, Pancreas, Parathyroid, Thyroid and Miscellaneous endocrine tumors to 1st and 2nd year surgery residents and medical students
Administrative Teaching Roles
6/2010 - 6/2013 OSCE grading for 3rd year medical students on surgery clerkship