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Margaret Burns, DNSc
Emeritus Assoc Prof, Nursing - Undergraduate
School of Nursing
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Interactive Teaching
9/2010 - 6/2011 Taught 2 Bb courses this school year - NRSG 337 Strategies for Professional Transition & NRSG 414-2 Nursing Management. These courses were for RN-BS students.  They were asynchronous, but interactive with discussion board, weekly assignments, student development of video clips.  Papers were submitted electronically through "view/assignment" in Bb so I could give feedback to the students.
7/2010 Fall 2009; Winter 2010; Spring 2010 NRSG 414 - used a variety of interactive process with the topics of:  Application of Neuman''''s model to management; Motivation; and Quality improvement Fally 2009; Winter 2010; Spring 2010 NRSG 407 - used a variety of interaction teaching methods with the topics of: Neuman''s stressors; Nursing interventions as described by Neuman
9/2008 - 5/2009 NRSG 337 - Strategies for transition to professional nursing - this course provides a bridge for the student who is returning to school for a baccalaureate degree.  Concepts of socialization into a profession; use of nursing theories; how to use research; and the meaning of leadership and management are a few of the concepts presented.  A variety of teaching methods are used:  discussion, powerpoint slides; online topic assignments. 
9/2005 - 6/2008 NRSG 414 Nursing Management - an interactive class which covered the concepts of aspects of leadership and management; communication, conflict resolution; motivation of staff; quality improvement; power; staff development and discipline; change; etc.  In addition to quizzes given on line to encourage the students to prepare for class; students were asked to find a 3 1/2 minute video clip from youtube or facebook that reflected the topic being discussed in class that day.  Additionally, students did a poster presentation at the end of the quarter of the change project they worked on with their nurse manager.
Instructional Prep of New Material
9/2009 - 7/2010 NRSG 337 Fall quarter 2009 developed an on line class for the topic on research
NRSG 337 Winter quarter 2010 - implemented online class for research NRSG 337 - Winter quarter 2010 - developed an online class for the topic on public health nursing and health promotion