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Ronald Dailey, PhD
Dean, School of Dentistry
School of Dentistry
Chair, Dental Education Services
School of Dentistry
Associate Professor, Dental Education Services
School of Dentistry
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
5/2015 Personal Development, IDP3
2/2015 Personal Development, D1
9/2005 - Present Intro to the Dental Profession
Overview of dentisry as it has evolved into a health care profession. History of dentistry, characteristics of professions, purpose and structure of professional organizations, discussion of the recognized specialties, personal finance, and debt management. (1 hour lecture)
7/2005 - 7/2013 Applied Statistics
Introduction to research methodology. Develops critical statistical thinking, enabling students to critique research results reported in dental journals and to understand and corectly interpret the research results so that new findings can be properly implemented in dental practice. Provides students with statistical tools necessary to pursue lifetime learning in the dental sciences. (2 2-hour lectures)
7/2005 - 7/2013 Introductory Statistics (DH)
Fundamentals of statistical analysis and critique of research data in scientific literature and in student research projects. Inferential and descriptive statistics, frequency distribution, histograms, bar graphs, and statistical tests. Laboratory computer practice in preparing and analyzing research data. (1 2-hour lecture and 2 1-hour lectures)
3/2005 - 7/2013 National Board Part I Review

Course Instructor: Review of basic and preclinical sciences to prepare students for National Board Examination Part I
Administrative Teaching Roles
9/2004 - 7/2013 National Board Part II Review
Course Coordinator for National Board Part II Review (Fall Quarter)
Instructional Prep of New Material
7/2005 - 12/2008 Fundamentals of Biostatistics
Completed statistics text and reference book for dental health professionals. Book has been accepted for publication. (Co-author with J.S. Kim, Ph.D.)