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Ronald Warnell, MD
Assoc Clin Prof, Psychiatry
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
7/2007 - 12/2009 Bipolar Disorders
7/2006 - 12/2009 Depressive Disorders
a 2 hour seminar given every 6 weeks to junior medical students
7/2006 - 1/2009 Psychiatric Emergencies
Given every 6 weeks for junior medical students
7/2004 - 12/2009 Outpatient Psychiatric Resident Conference
Meet with second-year residents every Monday, 1-2 pm. Pertinent literature distributed before conference and discussed.
Interactive Teaching
7/2006 - 12/2009 OSCE
Supervise and participate directly in OSCE for psychiatry every 6 weeks. 4-5 hours per OSCE.
7/2006 - 12/2009 Remediation
Meet with students needing review of performance or neding to remediate portions of the clerkship
7/2005 - 6/2006 Assertive Community Treatment
Worked directly with psychiatry residents as they interviewed patients and developed treatment plans. Two days weekly.
7/2004 - 12/2009 Outpatient Resident Clinic
Direct Supervision of Psychiatric Residents working with patients one afternoon weekly
5/1999 - 12/2009 Call Coverage
At least once monthly covered the Adult and Geropsychiatric inpatient units at the Behavioral Medicine Center overe weekends working directly with psychiatry residents and students.
5/1999 - 12/2009 Clinical Supervision
1-2 hours weekly supervising psychiatric residents
Administrative Teaching Roles
5/2009 Anxiety Disorder Overview for Psychiatry Residents
7/2006 - 12/2009 Psychiatric Clerkship Director
Coordinated the junior medical student clekships and seminars. Revised the teaching manual, tests and quizzes.
7/2000 - 12/2009 Medical Director for Outpatient Psychiatric Services
Continued to develop policies as well as student and resident participation. Chaired the outpatient Quality Management Committee.
Instructional Prep of New Material
7/2006 - 12/2009 Junior Medical Student CLerkship in Psychiatry Syllabus
Revised the syllabus for the medical students. Added new sections including brain stimulation techniques, complementary and alternative medicine in psychiatry, anxiety disorders, psychotherapy, psychiatric emergencies. Revised the existing sections. Developed quizes for the new sections and revised test questions for the existing sections.