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Susan Roche, DDS, MA
Associate Professor, Oral Diagnosis, Radiology, and Pathology
School of Dentistry
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Clinical Supervision
7/1997 - 12/2013

Dr. Roche supervises pre-doctoral dental students and residents involving management of patients with orofacial pain  and occlusal guard delivery and adjustments.

Interactive Teaching
7/1997 - 6/2010

Orofacial Pain Rotations

Third and fourth year dental students rotate through Dr. Roche''''s Orofacial Pain faculty practice to observe how to diagnose and treat orofacial pain conditions. Teaching is done on a case by case basis. Each quarter 30 dental students observe for a total of 120 hours per quarter.

7/1997 - Present Orofacial Pain/TMD Consults
Consultations for orofacial pain are being provided to pre-doctoral and post-doctoral dental students as well as in the Urgent Care Clinic in the School of Dentistry. Each consult is scheduled for one hour.
Administrative Teaching Roles
1/2007 - Present

PROS 556- TMJ Function & Dysfunction, COURSE DIRECTOR

Dr. Roche lectures to Prosthodontic residents and has developed case based learning for this course. The topics covered include: anatomy & TMD symptomology; TMD Clinical Exam; Muscle Pain, Diagnosis, & Initial Therapy; When is a toothache not a toothache: patient cases; Migraine headaches & variants; Neuropathic pain; and Obstructive sleep apnea. A termpaper on an assigned current pain topic is required for this course.

3/2005 - Present ODRP 811: Oral Medicine II, COURSE DIRECTOR
Dr. Roche lectures to third year dental students on advanced topics in Orofacial Pain. These include: psychiatry, TMD treatment, splint therapy, neuropathic pain, TMJ surgery, headaches, psychological assessment & chronic pain, and case studies in TMD and orofacial pain.
9/2004 - Present ODRP 807: Oral Medicine I, COURSE DIRECTOR
Dr. Roche lectures to third year dental students on various topics for temporomandibular joint disorders. This includes anatomy, clinical examination, diagnostic imaging of the TMJ, TMJ/muscle diagnosis and treatment. Case studies are included to provide practical clinical experience.
7/2004 - 12/2007

IDPO 534: Oral Medicine-Orofacial Pain/TMD, Course Director

Dr. Roche lectures to the students in the International Dentist Program on topics related to Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain including headaches and neuropathic pain.  The students work in groups and present oral powerpoint presentations on one of their patients suffering wtih temporomandibular joint disorders.