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Samah Omar, DDS
Associate Professor, Pediatric Dentistry
School of Dentistry
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
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9/2012 - 11/2014

PEDN 503 II (Dental Trauma Course)

Course Co-Director (in 2012)
Course participant 

Dental Trauma course for 1st year residents of the Advanced Education Speciality Program in Pediatric Dentistry
cover 3-4 lectures about esthetic management of traumatized teeth (bleachinng and Microabrasion), soft tissue injuries and oral burns, sports dentistry and mouthgaurd fabrication. Hands on lab to learnhow to fabricate sportsgaurds.   
9/2012 - 12/2012

PEDN 503 VI  (Medical Conditions and Special Needs)

Course Co-Director 

Management of special Needs pediatric patients and patients with special medical conditions. Class for 2nd year Pediatric Dentistry graduate program. Lectured about; CL/CP, bleeding disorders, Management of cancer patients, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, Dowm Syndrome, Inherited Developmental Conditions, Developmental Delay, Autism, CP and Seizure.
9/2011 - 12/2011

PEDN 503 II  (Dental Trauma)

Course Particepant

course for 1st year Pediatric Dentistry Residents 

Particepated with 3 lectures; -Prevention of trauma and fabrication of sports guard -Management of oral burns - Management of intrinsic and extrinsic discoloration ( bleaching and Microabrasion)
Instructional Prep of New Material
7/2010 - 6/2013

Prepared Case studies and excersises for the pediatric Dentistry Clinic ( Undergraduate ). These materials provide clinical cases with intraoral and extraoral photos and radiographs of common pediatric conditions. It should help the students understand more rare and unusual conditions. Restorative cases and excersises should help them enhance the diagnostic and treatment planing sills and help them be more comfortable with diet and OH counselling, Antibiotic prescription and anticepatory guidance discussions. 

I created 4 full clinical cases ( photographs, Radiographs, Medical history and relevant Dental history) for the students to practice diagnosis and treatment planning when they do not have patinets during Pediatric Clinic Blocks. 

I also put some special clinical situation ( Ankylosed teeth, trauma, Oral Pathology, Oral habits, Poor quality work, Oral antibiotics prescription excersises ...ect) in clinical senarios and made it available for the students to practice and expand thier knowledge in Pediatric Dentistry