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Shelly Withers, MS, RDH
Assistant Professor, Dental Hygiene
School of Dentistry
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
1/2006 - Present National Board review lecture
Provided board review on instrumentation and process of care to DH seniors.
Interactive Teaching
12/2005 - 2/2006 DH Research Mentor
Mentor for research group that evaluated the effect of sterilization on Implacare tips.
11/2005 - 12/2005 D2 OSCE
Evaluated D2 students in areas of medical history review, vital signs and soft tissue examination.
9/2005 - 6/2006 Aux Lab Rotation
Provided guided instrumentation practice for DH students in small groups.
8/2005 - Present DH OSCE
Administered and graded the promotion competency exam for Junior DH students. The OSCE style exam had 5 stations and lasted 8 hours.
Administrative Teaching Roles
9/2006 - Present Clinical Seminar/DH Topics I
Introduction to Senior clinic requirements and clinical boards. Advanced topics in dentistry and review for the National Board.
7/2006 - 9/2006 DNHY 324 & 324L
Presentation of additional topics in DH and preparation for senior clinic requirements.
3/2006 - 6/2006 DNHY 323 & 323L
Preclinical concepts for DH students. Introduction to root planing procedures.
1/2006 - 3/2006 DNHY 322 & 322L
Preclinical concepts for DH students. Preparation for treatment of adult patients.
9/2005 - 12/2005 DNHY 321 & 321L
Introductory preclinical concepts for DH students.
3/2005 - 6/2005 DNHY 323L
Course director for preclinical DH laboratory. I coordinated 9 lab sessions for students to practice instrumentation and be tested on their skills.
7/2004 - 9/2004 DNHY 324
Course director for preclinical DH lecture course that covers clinical topics such as sealants, air polishing, nitrous oxide & anesthesia review.
Instructional Prep of New Material
3/2006 - 7/2006 Anesthesia Video
Helped create an anesthesia video (with J.Stephens & K.Wilkins) that demonstrates the ASA, MSA & mental injections.
1/2005 - 6/2005 Blackboard Material
I placed material such as lectures, memos and the syllabus on Blackboard for the students to access