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Soo Kim, MD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
8/2004 - Present Resident Retreat Lecture
1 hour lecture to resident at the annual Pediatric Resident Retreat once/yr.
7/2004 - Present CME Lecture
Lecture: 2x/90 minutes each
7/2004 - Present Med Career Lecture
30 minutes informational lecture to Freshman class on "Pediatrics" as a career.
7/2004 - Present Pediatric Morning Report
Pediatric Morning Report sessions to 3rd year medical student during inpatient Pediatric Clerkship rotation = 1 hr/2x/wk
7/2004 - Present Peds Jeopardy Board Review
Conduct a board review Jeopardy style - 1 1/2 hour - 10 sessions per year.
7/2004 - Present Student Lecture
Lecture to 3rd year medical students during outpatient Pediatric Clerkship rotation = 1-2 hrs/week on General Pediatric Topics.
Interactive Teaching
7/2005 - Present Resident Mentoring
Mentor 2 to 3 residents a year.
7/2004 - Present Clinical Supervisor
Clinical supervisor to students in outpatient clinic - 22 days/month.
7/2004 - Present Live Pt OSCE
Live patient OSCE at PTO -Pediatric Teaching Office Clinic for 3rd year medical students during the Pediatric Clerkship rotation. Approx 10-11 hrs/month.
7/2004 - Present Pediatric Interest Group
Mentor medical students that are members of the "Pediatric Interest Group". Attending PIG meetings and intermittent one on one mentoring.
7/2004 - Present Religion Course
Interactive religion course teaching 2 hours/1x week for 6 weeks to 1st year medical students.
7/2004 - Present Student Lecture
1 hour lecture to 4th year medical students regarding match/peds.
7/2004 - Present Student Mentoring
Mentoring for students going into Pediatric 1/2 hour - 8 to 10 students.
7/2004 - Present Ward Attending
Inpatient unit supervisor - 1wk every 6 weeks, 3 students per week plus residents.
Administrative Teaching Roles
7/2004 - Present Clerkship Program Director
Clerkship Program Director to the Pediatric Clerkship.
7/2004 - Present Student Advisor
Student advisor for Pediatric Interest Group.
Instructional Prep of New Material
7/2004 - Present Incorporating Faculty Developemt
7/2004 - Present Orientation
Pediatric Clerkship rotation orientation to 3rd year medical students at the beginning of their Pediatric rotation.
7/2004 - Present Preparation of Board Review
Preparation of Pediatric Mock Board review used with 3rd year medical students during the Pediatric clerkship rotation.
7/2004 - Present Preparation of exam questions
Preparation of exam questions for 3rd year medical student final exam taken during the Pediatric clerkship rotation.
7/2004 - Present Updating and changing syllabus
Updating and changing syllabus material to be distributed to 3rd year medical students at the beginning of their Pediatric clerkship rotation.