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Theresa Joseph, DPT
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
School of Allied Health Professions
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
1/2013 - 3/2020 Medical Termonology -ORPR 325
Lecture and interactive teaching in applied medical terminology for the Orthotic and Prosthetic Program students
7/2005 - 10/0000

Pre and post P.T student clinical Affiliation orientation and review sessions.
These sessions occur during the second and third year of the program.

 Orientation to clinical practice regulations,guidelines and expectations including HIPAA, Cultural sensitivity, physical therapy practice sites; instruction in use of APTA Clinical Performance Instrument, discussion of CAPTE standards and requirements,Clinical Education Program policies, program expectations for clinical competencies; assessment of readiness for clinical assignment; differences in clinical settings; roles of Clinical Education staff and and intercollegiate  organizations,committees and councils; counselling regarding student clinical interests and processes for individual assignment to clinical sites, safety and access to urgent and emergency resources while in the clinic.
Review of clinical experiences, performance awards,

Clinical Supervision
3/2006 - 6/0000 PHTH 585 (changed to PHTH 703) Affil III- coordination of clinical assignment, Monitoring, counseling and facilitation of student interaction with clinic personnel and patient care,evaluation of student readiness for program completion
1/2006 - 3/0000 PHTH 584 (changed to PHTH 702) Affil II
8/2005 - 10/0000 PHTH 701 Affil IA, IB
7/2005 - 10/0000 Management of P.T students during the clinical experiences for courses (PHTH 701,PHTH 702,PHTH 703). Student counselling for, and assignment to clinical sites,communication with Center Coordinator of Clinical Education/Clinical Instructor regarding program expectations for student competencies and schedule of assignment: coordination midterm visits/assessment of student while in the clinic; facilitation of student interaction with CI/clinical staff; facilitation of clinical skills and learning opportunities through collaboration with clinical staff and student.
Interactive Teaching
10/2013 - 10/0000 Advanced General Medicine-PHTH 733
Instructional and lab sessions for PT students in final year of program on topics of General Medicine
10/2013 - 10/0000 Concepts in Acute Care-PHTH 540
Lecture and lab sessions for PT students on topics of General Medicine
10/2012 - 10/0000 Advanced Neurologial Teaching-PHTH 732
Lab/critical thinking exercise sessions on topics of Physical Therapy assessment an interventions in Neurological Diagnoses
1/2007 - 3/2007 PHTH 584-1 PT Affil 11
53 students. One hr per student for mentoring. One hr per student plus travel time for onsite or phone interviews for midterm performance assessment and follow-up with student and clinical instructor. Visits shared with second faculty.
11/2006 Panel member
course session for "Administration in Higher Learning", LLU campus
9/2006 - 11/2006 PHTH -1 DPT Affil 1
One student. One hr mentoring. One hr clinical visit plus travel time for midterm performance assessment with student and clinical Instructor and follow-up.
9/2006 - 12/2006 PHTH 583-1 PT Affil 1B
53 students. One hr mentoring per student. One hr per student for midterm onsite visits and follow-up with student and clincal Instructor, plus travel time. Performed with assistance of second faculty.
7/2006 - 9/2006 PHTH 583 A-1 PT Affil. 1A
53 students. One hr per student for mentoring. On site clincal or phone interview conducted for midterm assessment reviews and follow-up with Clinical instructors and students.- performed with assist of second faculty. One hr per visit per student plus travel time.
Administrative Teaching Roles
10/2010 - 10/0000 Simulation lab instruction in General Medicine for Inpatient setting for PT and PTA
3/2006 - 10/0000 PHTH 703 (Formely PHTH 585) Affiliation 3
1/2006 - 10/0000 Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (PHTH 701,PHTH 703, PHTH 703)
Student assignment to Clinical sites for clinical Education component of PT program. DPT students. Facilitation of professional education of Clinical Instructors relevant to Program and professional organization. Student orientation to clinical expectations, facilitation and assessment of students performance of integration of didactic and clinical learning. Networking and development of contracts between clinical sites and the P.T program for student affiliations. Edit database to reflect current contracts and terms of relationship with clinical sites. Review and development of clinical program.
1/2006 - 10/0000 PHTH 702 (Formerly PHTH 584)Affiliation 2
8/2005 - 10/0000 PHTH 701 A & B (Affiliation 1)
Instructional Prep of New Material
7/2006 - 10/0000 Clinical Course online component
Ongoing modification and development of online (blackboard->Canvas)course resource and communication tool.