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Vaneta Condon, PhD
Emeritus Assoc Prof, School of Nursing
School of Nursing
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
1/2004 - 1/2005 NRSB 101-Critical Thinking Skills/Study Strategies (40hr/yr) NRSB 102-Science Principles Applied to Nursing (40hr/yr) NRSB105-Writing for Nursing(Computer Component Coord) (20hr/yr) NRSB 216-Basic Nursing Skills/Study Skills (15-20hr/yr) NRSB 409-Professional Issues I (NCLEX-RN preparation 8hr/yr) NRSG 244/299-Directed Study Individualized Instruction (36 hr/yr)
Interactive Teaching
1/2004 - 1/2005 Small group learning activities labs for N101 & N102- 35 students/ 68 hours/year.
Administrative Teaching Roles
1/2004 - 1/2005 Course Coordinator: NRSB 101; NRSB102; NRSB 244. PRN Program Director. Bridge Program Director. Learning Assistance Program Director, Teaching Learning Resource Center Director, Tutoring Program/Study Group Program Director.
Instructional Prep of New Material
1/2004 - 1/2005 Preparation of New Instructional Materials for NRSB 101: - Nursing proces case studies and small group discussion. - Application exercises for Critical Thinking Skills.