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Wilber Alexander, PhD, MTh
Emeritus Professor, Religion - Relational Studies
School of Religion
Professor, Family Medicine
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
1/2005 - 3/2005 The Art of Integrative Care
The Art and Science of including spirituality in patient care
Interactive Teaching
9/2004 Black Board Course for Medical Center Residents beginning new residencies
A computer based interactive course in Whole Person Care Answering questions and giving input..approx 12 hours
7/2004 - 7/2005 Core Lectures for Family Medicine Residents
Approximately 5 lectures each year on Whole Person care given at noon conference for Family Medicine residents. 18 residents, plus faculty and students One hour interactive presentation
7/2004 - 7/2005 Family Medicine Block for Jr Medical Students
Lecture on Whole Person care each month
7/2004 - 7/2005 In Service Teaching of Family Medicine Physicians and Associates
Brief Presentation, or Case Study on Innerweave Spiritual care of Patients. Presentations are monthly and at Retreats
7/2004 - 7/2005 Integrative Whole Person Rounds
Interviewing a patient in East Campus Hospital for In Service staff (Residents, Senior Medical Students, Pschology Students, Pharmacy Students, Palliative Care students, Attending Physicians. Followed by a de-briefing, evaluating, teaching session One hour each week
7/2004 - 7/2005 Resident Observation
Direct observation of Family Medicine residents in their Clinic, with follow-up tutorial and evaluation Two residents per month for 1 hour
Administrative Teaching Roles
7/2004 - 7/2005 Coordinator for Innerweave Whole Person Care in the Family Medicine Residency
Responsible for teaching, observing, eduating, evaluating the involvement of Faculty and Residents in the Art of Innerweave Whole Person Care Ongoing through committee involvement and one on one consultation