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Wesley Stevens, MD
Assistant Professor, Pathology and Human Anatomy
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
5/2006 - Present Annual Sophomore Blood Banking Lectures
Blood banking for sophomore medical school class, 1 hour
4/2006 Risk:Benefit Ratio of Transfusion
Loma Linda University School of Allied Health 2006 Homecoming Continuing Education Program, LLUMC
2/2006 Transfusion Risks
Noon conference for Internal Medicine, RCRMC
12/2005 - Present Annual Freshman Blood Banking Lecture
Blood Banking for Freshman Medical School class, 1 hour
Interactive Teaching
7/2005 - Present Blood Banking for Pathology Residents
Teaching Pathology residents about blood banking, approximately 4 hours/month
Administrative Teaching Roles
1/2007 - 6/2013 Residency Committee Member
Participate in residency committee evaluation of applicants and resident performance as representative of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.