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Faculty Directory
Gregory Nelson, PhD
Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Professor, Radiation Medicine
School of Medicine
Work History 
Adjunct Professor (May 2008 - December 2011)
Texas A&M University, College Station Texas
Department of Nuclear Engineering.  Conduct radiation biology and physics research using acclerator facilities and supervision of graduate students.

Professor (January 2008 - December 2011)
Loma Linda University
Research into mechanisms of radiobiology and applications to radiation medicine.

Associate Professor (August 1996 - January 2007)
Loma Linda University
Development of radiation biology laboratories and research program for Department of Radiation Medicine to conduct studies in support of proton therapy and NASA-sponsored research.

Director, Radiobiology Program (June 1996 - July 2007)
Loma Linda University
Development and administration of radiobiology research including facility development, faculty recruitment and reasearch program design.

Member Technical Staff, Group Supervisor (September 1982 - August 1996)
Jet Propulsion Lab., California Institute of Technology 
Manage research grouip in biotechnology focussed on spaceflight experimentation and support of technical projects funded by NASA, Department of Energy and Department of Defense

Postdoctoral Fellow (June 1979 - August 1982)
Harvard University Medical School, Boston. MA.
Deparment of Pathology.  Research into regulation of lymphocyte activation  and motility.