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Faculty Directory
Janeen Duff, MA, RDH
Assistant Professor, Dental Hygiene
School of Dentistry
Work History 
Assistant Professor (November 2001)
Loma Linda, CA (LLUSD - Department of Dental Hygiene)

Dental Hygienist - Private Practice (April 2001 - April 2003)
Yucca Valley, CA (Alan Williams, Periodontist)
Periodontal Therapy

Dental Hygienist - Private Practice (September 1989 - June 1990)
Palm Springs, CA (A. Leigh Wallace, Periodontist)

Dental Hygienist - Private Practice (January 1989 - December 1995)
Yucca Valley, CA (Bruce Jones, DDS) 

Dental Hygienist - Private Practice (October 1982)
Yucca Valley, CA (Drs. Smith, Kupps, Brown & Dotson, respectively)

Dental Hygienist - Private Practice (December 1981 - October 1982)
Baltimore, MD (Stephen Goldman, Periodontist)

Dental Hygienist - Private Practice (October 1981 - October 1982)
Columbia, MD (Richard Tatum, DDS)