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Kathi Wild, MS
Assistant Professor, Nursing - Undergraduate
School of Nursing
Work History 
Assistant Professor (March 2012)
Loma Linda University School of Nursing

Clinical Faculty to Community Mental Health Nursing Students Spring Quarter, 2012

Clinical Faculty for Professional Nursing Practicum Fall Quarter, 2012, also during Fall Quarter worked on developing Capstone Nursing Practicum Course

Course Coordinator for Capstone Nursing Practicum starting Winter Qtr, 2013, and was clinical faculty to clinical lab group, assisted with Interfprofessional Education Simulation Lab.  Coordinated student placement for Capstone Practicum and met with affilating institutions

Course Coordinator for both Capstone Nursing Practicum and Capstone Nursing Leadership and Management courses starting Fall, 2013.  As Capstone Nursing Coordinator I have developed and give lectures for the course, coordinate guest speakers, coordinate student placement for practicum assignments, work with affiliating instutions and agencies, continue to lead out in Interprofessional Education Simulation lab, coordinate Ethical Dilemma

Early Start Program Manager (March 2004 - January 2012)
Inland Regional Center

Supervised, evaluated, assigned cases to and trained infant service coordinators/public health nurses in the Early Start Program. Early Start is a program which provides assessment and for qualifying children, an Individual Family Service Plan is developed with the Family and Early Start Team to specify developmental and health outcome goals.  As Manager, I worked collaboratively with multiple community agencies, such as school districts, California Children's Services, Home Health providers, Head Start/Early Head Start and service providers (physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and behavioral therapists) to coordinate services for Early Start clients.

Assistant Program Manager, Early Start (March 2003 - March 2004)
Inland Regional Center

As Assistant Program Manager for Early Start, I coordinated the referrals to the Early Start Program, working with parents, physicians, school psychologists, teachers and administrators.  I also supervised Early Start Infant Services Coordinators/Public Health Nurses in their work of assessing infant and toddlers for Early Start Program and developing the Individualized Family Service Plan for clients and their families when found eligible for services.  The Early Start Program is responsibile for developing client outcome goals and securing needed services, coordinating, securing, monitoring needed services and also assessing the child's progress.

Infant Services Coordinator/Public Health Nurse (August 1993 - March 2004)
Inland Regional Center

Provided in-home assessment of health, infant/child development, health history and family needs of children at risk for or diagnosed with a developmental disability.  As Early Start Infant Service Coordinator I would work with families and the interprofessional Early Start Team to develop an Individualized Family Service Plan which detailed the child health status, developmental assessment levels, vision and hearing screening, assessment of resources, development of client outcome goals and interventions/services to assist child in meeting those goals.  As Infant Service Coordinator I would provide continuous monitoring of the progress of child and family meeting the goals, and coordinated periodic interdisciplinary Early Start team meetings with the family to assess and discuss the IFSP and current interventions and review of client outcome goals.  As Early Start Infant Services coordinator I would assist family to access needed referrals for health concer

Assistant Professor (July 1981 - May 1984)
Loma Linda University School of Nursing

Taught classes on Counnity Mental Heatl Nursing for the Baccalaureate Program, worked as coordinator for RN sutdents returning to complete a B.S. degree.  As  Clinical Faculty for Community Mental Health I monitored clinical experience (clinical labs) for nursing students assigned to the Mental Health unit at March Air Force Base, Continuing Community Care (an agency that provided services to community-based psychiatric clients in Riverside) monitored students at Inland Regional Center and supervised students who coordinated and taught the "Living with Children" parenting groups in Riverside.

Instructor (July 1979 - June 1981)
Loma Linda University School of Nursing

Was Clinical Instructor to students taking Community Mental Health Nursing.  Supervised students at Continuing Community Care in Riverside (an agency that provided services to Community based psychiatric clients) and supervised the "Living with Children" parenting groups that were students coordinated.  I also supervised senior nursing students on the Mental Health Unit at March Airforce Base.  As Clinical Instructor I also lectured in the Community Mental Health Nursing Course.

Staff Nurse (March 1978 - June 1979)
Loma Linda University Medical Center

Worked a psychiatric nurse on Unit 4300, Loma Linda University Medical Center