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Naomi Modeste, DrPH
Emeritus Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Work History 
Department Chair (February 2006 - August 2013)
Loma Linda University, School of Public Health

Responsible for implementing and forwarding the mission and vision of the school and department; planning, organizing, and evaluating academic programs. Plan and encourage research and publicatins among faculty; Review and revise curriculum and develop program objectives and outcomes; encourage quality teaching among faculty; plan for faculty development and maintain academic standards; determine faculty work load, participate in teaching; nurture faculty, develop and manage department budget, supervise equipment and office space, etc., and planning strategically for the department

Professor (January 2000)
Loma Linda University, School of Public Health

Teach one class online.  DrPH Health Education Program Director. Research, publish, mentor students,  volunteer with community projects, etc.

Program Director, DrPH Health Education (July 1994)
School of Public Health

Plan program curriculum, advise and mentor doctoral students, chair and serve on doctoral dissertations, chair the DrpH sub committee, assign advisors and faculty to teach classes and arrange comprehensive and qualifying examinations for students.  Schedule interviews for applicants, and attend to requests and questions from students relative to their program.

Associate Professor (January 1994 - June 1999)
Loma Linda University, Schools of public Health and Medicine

Teach three classes, mentor students, coordiante the MPH program, and coordinate the MPH Field Practicum

Assistant Professor (January 1991 - June 1993)
Loma Linda University, Schools of Public Health and Medicine

Teach, research, serve, mentor students

Health Director (June 1987 - December 1990)
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Inter-American Division, Florida.

Manage department, advise the president on all matters relating to health throughout the territory, plan and conduct workshops  for health professionals (hospital adminstrators/nursing directors) and the lay public, assist in recruitment of hospital personnel, coordinate off-campus MPH program offered through Loma Linda University, School of Public Health. Serve on hospital boards, visit and evaluate hospitals/clinics.

ADRA Director (January 1980 - May 1987)
Caribbean Union Conference, Rep. of Trinidad and Tobago
Coordinate and direct funded programs through USAID/ADRA United States;  magage budgets; assist in grant writing; recruit and hire directors; respond to disasters, respond to requests for resources and projects; liaise with governmetn officials and agencies.

Health Director (July 1978 - May 1987)
Caribbean Union Conference, Rep. of Trinidad and Tobago
Manage the department, advise the president on all health related matters; conduct training workshops for health directors; participate in national programs;conduct health seminars for teachers and pastors, train the trainers; conduct health fairs and other programs, collaborate with government and private health leaders in each island served.