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Americans aspire to live long, healthy, and productive lives; however, many lifestyle factors have become serious threats to health. Current evidence for prevention is strong, and when effective strategies are implemented, they drive significant improvement in the public’s health.

Based on the best scientific evidence, Healthy People 2012 defined the Top 10 Lifestyle Priority areas necessary for Healthy Aging, and outlined Loma Linda’s systems approach to Health Care. Recommendations for policy and program development; with preference given to sustainable efforts with the greatest impact on large numbers of people, took center stage.

The 385 participants of Healthy People 2012 chose from three Strategic Tracks to address Healthy Aging; each representing a foundation pillar for all prevention efforts.  Each track guided participants through specialized topic areas that would demonstrably improve health. Together, the tracks created the web needed to fully support Americans in leading longer and healthier lives.


  Join us February 24-26, 2013 for Healthy People's

6th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition!