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An overview of the 2015 Healthy People in Healthy Communities Conference
2015 Healthy People in Healthy Communities Scientific Committee
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We bring people together to share information and develop strategies for achieving a new level of success in creating vibrant communities.


We seek to improve the overall health and quality of life within communities.


Collaboration: We believe that no one of us is as smart as all of us. The solutions required are greater than the sum of individual efforts or capabilities.

Integrity: We commit ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards.

Innovation: We facilitate efforts by people of diverse backgrounds and interests to reframe the conversation and create a new agenda.

Excellence: We provide access to strong leaders and public advocates to stimulate informed and relevant dialogue in an environment of honest inquiry.

Service: We convene a high-quality conference on health that generates energy for change and provides relevant resources, information and continued professional education for health educators and clinicians.