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Researcher Compliance Hotline

Compliance HotlineMembers of the research community may report a compliance concern regarding research in two ways:

  1. Regular calls:  Call the Director of Research Affairs - Research Integrity at (909) 558-8166 or extension 88166.  You can also send an email to:

  2. Anonymous calls

What should be reported: 

  • Allegations of Research Misconduct, including fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism of research data and materials
  • Human and Animal Research Subject Complaints
  • Other violations (consult Research Integrity)

These all constitute violations of research-related policies and procedures.  The institution has put these policies into place as part of a larger, corporate compliance plan to protect the institution and its employees. A copy of the corporate compliance plan can be accessed via the Intranet VIP Page

Compliance is EVERYONE’s responsibility.  Therefore all employees, contractors, and/or agents have an obligation to report any actions they believe are violations of research policies & procedures. This requirement ensures that all employees, contractors, and/or agents are watching for issues that could potentially pose risk to the institution.