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Compliance Hotline

Compliance HotlineYou may report a compliance concern regarding research in two ways:

  1. Regular calls:  Call the Director of Research Affairs - Research Integrity at (909) 558-8166 or extension 88166.  You can also send an email to:

  2. Anonymous calls:  Call the Employee Compliance Reporting Line at (800) 249-9953. The Employee Compliance Reporting line is a special compliance reporting number that is answered by a contracted vendor. This line has been established to report compliance violations that staff feel cannot be reported to their supervisor. Please provide as specific details as possible so that the issue may be appropriately investigated.  The issue will then be addressed by the Director of Research Integrity.

What should be reported: 

  • Allegations of Research Misconduct, including fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism of research data and materials
  • Human and Animal Research Subject Complaints
  • Other violations (consult Research Integrity)

These all constitute violations of research-related policies and procedures.  The institution has put these policies into place as part of a larger, corporate compliance plan to protect the institution and its employees. A copy of the corporate compliance plan can be accessed via the Intranet VIP Page

Compliance is EVERYONE’s responsibility.  Therefore all employees, contractors, and/or agents have an obligation to report any actions they believe are violations of research policies & procedures. This requirement ensures that all employees, contractors, and/or agents are watching for issues that could potentially pose risk to the institution.