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Office of the Vice President for Research Affairs
24887 Taylor Street, Suite 201
Loma Linda, CA 92354
(909) 558-8544 (x88544) / FAX: (909) 558-0244 (x80244)


Directory of Research Affairs Services   

Office of the Vice President for Research Affairs (VPRA)

Associate Vice Presidents

Pre-Award Services

Proposal Consultation
Grant Pre-Award Management
Electronic Research Systems Management
Pre-Award Budget Approval
Research Conflict of Interest

Post-Award Services

Financial Management
including: Find your Financial Analyst

Human Studies

Human Subject Protection Program (including IRB)
Clinical Trial Center (CTC)
Accreditation of Human Subject Protection Program

Animal Studies

Institutional Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Animal Care Facility [coming soon]

Research Training and Education

Inventions and Commercialization of Intellectual Properties

Regulatory Compliance and Research Integrity

See also the Compliance Hotline page

Resolving a Service Problem


The Vice President for Research Affairs (VPRA) is responsible for promoting and managing research activities and guiding research in all entities and affiliates of Loma Linda University.


Anthony Zuccarelli, PhD, /x42772

  • Oversight and integration of Research Affairs activities and services
  • Coordination and planning for institutional research
  • GRASP research grants

Michael Kirby, PhD, /x88117

  • Review of grant proposals for scientific merit and institutional risk
  • Research training and education

Executive Assistant to Vice President and Associate Vice Presidents, (909) 558-8544
Dorothy (Dottie) Messer, /x88544

  • Directions to sections and specialists
  • Scheduling meetings with Vice Presidents and Associate Vice Presidents

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Proposal Consultation

  • Identifying funding sources for proposed research
  • Assistance in planning and editing grant applications

  • Contact _______________ Research Proposal Advisor (Research Administration)
    *Interim contact:  
    Cindy Dickson, Pre-Award Grant Analyst (Research Administration), / x44571

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    Grant Pre-Award Management 

    • Identifying funding sources
    • Assistance in preparing grant applications
    • Processing grant applications

    *Contact: Cindy Dickson, Pre-Award Grant Analyst (Research Administration), / x44571

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    Electronic Research Systems Management

    Contact Sherie Donahue, Electronic Research Specialist (Research Administration, / x44571

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    Pre-Award Budget Approval

    • Assisting investigators with budget development and entry into electronic systems
    • Reviewing and approving budgets prior to submission

    Contact Financial Management Administrative Assistant, / x44589

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    Research Conflict of Interest

    • Research conflict of interest disclosures and evaluations

    Contact Sandra Figueroa, Administrative Assistant / x85794, for COI forms and correspondence, for other communications.

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    Research Affairs - Financial Management (RAFM)

    Central fiscal administration responsible for monitoring and managing internally and externally sponsored research awards, research related grants, contracts, and government allocations from the time of the award to close out.  Each investigator is assigned a financial analyst. 

    • General Oversight of Financial Management
    • Draw down of sponsor awards, monitor award expenditure and compliance with institutional and sponsor financial policies.


    Contact Sylvia Campos, Financial Management Contract Analyst, / x43947

    • Assist faculty with clinical trial preparation
    • Initiation, review, approval of clinical trial contracts

    Contact Amy Casey, Assistant Director of Operations, Clinical Trial / x15002

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    Human Subject Protection Program (including IRB)

    IRB Administrator

    • IRB Administrator
    • IRB applications for Administrative (Expedited or Exempt) Review
    • Determination of Non-Human Study Research

    Contact Linda G. Halstead, Director [Research Affairs - Research Protections Programs (RPP)] & IRB Administrator, / x43570

    • Submission of new applications to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and screening for fulfillment of requirements
    • Deadlines for committee submission, status of applications
    • Scheduling appointments and consultations


    • Consultations for full-board IRB reviews (except the two days after each IRB meeting)
    • Questions regarding change requests, new full board studies, full board renewals, and the results of full board reviews

    Contact Anu Diekmann, Institutional Review Board Analyst, / x43042

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    Clinical Trial Center (see the CTC website)  

    Coleman Pavilion (CP) 11113
    (909) 651-5002 / FAX (909) 558-0587

    The CTC plans and coordinates clinical trials (contract preparation, IRB submission, budget construction, compliance, and trial registration).  It provides advice on trial budgeting and will coordinate negotiations with trial sponsors.  It provides guidance on clinical trial billing and insurance coverage determinations.



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    Accreditation of Human Subject Protection Program

  • Develop policies and procedures for the Human Subject Protection Program
  • Current practice in human subjects research, recommending and initiating movements

    Contact Lorraine Sarmiento, Accreditation Coordinator (Research Administration), / x42772

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    Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

  • Submission of applications to IACUC
  • Consultations for IACUC reviews (except the two days after each IACUC meeting)
  • Status of Change Requests or Renewal Requests for animal research
  • Alternate to the director for general administration

    Contact Obed B. Rutebuka, IACUC Administrator [Research Affairs - Research Protections Programs (RPP)], or / x87130

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    Animal Care Facility 

    [coming soon]

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  • Human Subjects Protections Certification
  • Curriculum and Course Development

    Contact JR Krausz, Research Education Coordinator (Research Affairs - Research Integrity), / x87463

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    Technology transfer (TT) and commercialization activities for intellectual property created by any entity affiliated with Loma Linda University.

  • Disclosure of new discoveries and inventions
  • Filing and prosecution of patents
  • Evaluating intellectual property for commercial potential
  • Negotiate licensing contracts
  • Payment of patent expenses and distribution of royalty income



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  • Auditing or monitoring clinical trials, investigator-initiated studies and other research activities
  • Assist with registering trials with, passwords and questions
  • Assist with export control issues including the shipping of hazardous research materials, disclosing information to international collaborators, investigators, and students; submission of export license applications
  • Investigation of alleged research misconduct and research complaints
  • Coordination of research-related education requirements
  • In conjunction with the Clinical Trial Center, assist with investigator-initiated IND or IDE submissions to FDA and associated reporting requirements
  • Assist principal investigator and study staff in conducting self assessments
  • Assist with investigator questions on responsibilities under the NIH Guidelines for recombinant DNA research 
  • Assist in preparing sites for external audits, such as FDA audits



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  • Pre-Award Services
  • Contact Anthony Zuccarelli, Associate Vice President for Research Affairs, / x42772

  • Post-Award Services
  • Contact Research Affairs -- Financial Management, x44589

  • Human Studies
    • Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Contact Linda G. Halstead, Director (Research Affairs - Research Protection Programs) & IRB Administrator, / x43570

    • Clinical Trial Center

    Contact Lila Dalton, Director of Operations, Clinical Trial Center (CTC), / x15002

  • Research Training and Education
  • Contact Janice Quick-Wolfe, Director (Research Affairs - Research Integrity), / x88166

  • Invention and Intellectual Property
  • Contact ______, Director (Research Affairs - Technology Transfer) / x87184

  • Unresolved Issues
  • Contact Anthony Zuccarelli, Associate Vice President for Research Affairs, / X42772

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