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Set up the Account
Conflict of Interest Clearance
Research Affairs - Financial Management Assigns an Account Number
Research Affairs - Financial Managment Allocates Awarded Budget
Research Affairs - Financial Management Sends Award Letter to PI
The PI Submits a Revised Budget (if requested amount changes)
The PI Submits a Detailed Budget for NIH Modular Awards
The PI Completes Forms
The PI Starts Work & Spending Funds
Checklist for Setting up the Account

Initiate Subawards

Get Remaining Approvals for Responsible Conduct of Research

What Happens Next 

Set up the Account

After a sponsored research award has been officially accepted, the award file is transferred from LLU's pre-award department, Research Administration, to the post-award department, Research Affairs - Financial Management.  Following the steps outlined below, Financial Management can generally activate an account within two business days of receiving the award notice and file:

  1. Conflict of Interest Clearance:  One of the required steps for opening an account is to obtain Conflict of Interest (COI) clearance.  In fact, COI clearance for all personnel must be completed before a proposal is submitted to a sponsor.  Financial Management double-checks that this clearance has occured before setting up the account. See the Research Conflict of Interest page for more information.

  2. Research Affairs - Financial Management Assigns an Account Number:  As soon as Financial Management receives an award, a Financial Analyst assigns an account number to the project.  This number identifies the project in LLU's accounting system and should be used thereafter on all accounting forms for that award. 

  3. Research Affairs - Financial Management Allocates Awarded Budget:  Using the approved budget from the sponsor, Financial Management allocates the awarded budget funds among the appropriate expense categories (also known as object codes or account codes) in LLU's accounting system.  This process may also require additional information from the PI (see next steps).

  4. Research Affairs - Financial Management Sends Award Letter to PI:  Financial Management prepares and sends a Notice of Grant Award (NGA) or Notice of Contract Award (NCA) letter to the PI with the following information:  
    • Project title and sponsor
    • Financial account number(s) for reference
    • Direct costs awarded
    • Budget period beginning and ending dates
    • PI instructions to complete project set-up (see next steps)

  5. The PI Submits a Revised Budget:  To expedite the account setup and prior to spending funds, the PI submits a revised budget to Financial Management if the awarded budget differs from the proposed budget. 

  6. The PI Submits a Detailed Budget for NIH Modular Awards:  Although certain NIH awards do not require a detailed budget during the submission process, a detailed budget is necessary once the grant is awarded so that Financial Management can appropriately allocate the awarded funds. A detailed budget template is available here

  7. The PI Completes Forms:  The PI also submits the following to Financial Management to initiate spending:
    • Request for Sponsored Project Access form to authorize the PI and other personnel to sign for expense activities, e.g. purchase orders or check requests.  A form must be completed for each authorized signatory.

    • Rate slip(s) to add personnel to be charged to the project. Rate slips can be downloaded from Banner Self Services at: under Payroll

  8. The PI Starts Work and Spending Funds:  The PI should make sure that all remaining, required approvals that were not obtained before or during the award process have been obtained before spending any funds. 

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Checklist for Setting up the Account

PI Checklist

LLU Roles & Responsibilities

Set up the Account

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Initiate Sub-awards or Subcontracts 

The PI should contact the Contracts Analyst to activate completed sub-agreements, or request a sub-agreement to be developed.  For more information, see sub-award process when LLU is the grantor.

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Get Remaining Approvals for Responsible Conduct of Research

Before the PI begins work or spending funds, all remaining, required approvals for the Responsible Conduct of Research that were not obtained during the pre-award process must be in place. 

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What Happens Next:

The PI has the ultimate responsibility to manage the award, including:

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