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IRB Toolkit for Investigators

Request for IRB Determination of Non-human Research

IRB Application Package


Applicant Checklist 
IRB Naming Convention for Full Board Electronic Submissions  
Application Forms
Clinical Trial
(See Application Guidelines)
Retrospective/Archival Data
(See Application Guidelines)
Minimal Risk Studies
Biospecimen Research
Humanitarian Use Device
Emergency Use of an Investigational Drug or Device
(See Guidelines)
Radioactive Materials and Ionizing Radiation
Abstract Templates

Template for Convened (Full) Board Protocols (download)
Template for Expedited or Exempt Protocols (download)
 Recruitment & Consent Forms
Telephone Recruitment Script 
California Experimental Subject Bill of Rights (Required if study meets the state definition of "medical experiment.")

Other Translations

Consent Templates
(See Guidance for developing the Informed Consent Document)
(See Lay Terms for Preparing Consent Documents)
Clinical Trials
Minimal Risk Studies
Anonymous Survey
Genetic Research
Assent Templates (for minors)
Blood Draw
Bone Marrow
Oncology Treatment
Authorization for Use of Protected Health Information (HIPAA)
Adult [Standard] [Dependency Treatment]
Minors [Standard] [Dependency Treatment]
Authorization for Case Studies 
Waiver of Consent

Sample Protocol Outline

Device Study Worksheet


Maintaining Your IRB Record (Requires use of a log-in name and password. For assistance, call x44531.)

View Status of Your Research Projects

Change Request Forms

Protocol/Consent Changes (Needs log-in name/password)

Protocol/Consent Changes (Word)

Study Personnel Changes(Word) (To be printed for submission)

Adverse Event/Unanticipated Problem Reporting

Protocol Violation Report Form (To be printed for submission)

Examples of Serious or Minor Protocol Violations

Minor Protocol Violation Log

Renewals/Closures (To be printed for submission)


Topical Toolkits


IRB Application for Biospecimens

Behavioral/Social Research

IRB Application for Social/Behavioral Research
Consent Template for Minimal Risk Studies
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Deception (Research involving)
Observational Studies
Public Officials (Involvement of) as Subjects In Research
Questionnaires, Surveys, Interviews (Research involving)
School Permission (Research involving)
Social & Behavioral Research (Program Director's Role)
Subject Inclusion Risk & Suicidal Ideation Language

Doctorate in Nursing Practice

Retrospective/Archival Data

IRB Application Form for Archival/Retrospective Data 
Application Guidelines

 Roles & Responsibilities for Investigators