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LLU Research in the News for June 29, 2011

No Boundaries for Financial Reviews

By Jessica Portillo (Financial Analyst in Sponsored Projects Financial Management)

No Boundaries for Financial ReviewsAs financial analysts we work closely with our Principal Investigators to develop budgets for new proposals and upcoming funding periods. I have been working with the Department of Global Health for the past two years, and in September 2009, I was introduced to Dr. Ronald Mataya and the President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (Pepfar) Project, sponsored by the Center for Disease Control. The project, which focuses on reaching individuals worldwide infected by HIV/AIDS epidemic, was still in the proposal stage in 2009. Since then, I have seen it evolve into such a wonderful project.

As Dr. Mataya and I met to discuss the second-year budget for his Malawi grant, we agreed that it would be of great benefit if I traveled to Malawi to ensure appropriate federal financial compliance at the Malamulo Hospital. It was impressive to see all the work being done to the laboratory - one of the main purposes of the grant. Upon the completion of the laboratory it was handed over to the Hospital in order to No Boundaries for Financial Reviewstrain other hospitals and medical centers on prevention, transmission, education, and management of HIV/AIDS. Dr. Mataya has wonderful people working on the Malamulo Hospital end, and it was remarkable to see the financial records they kept:  all payment vouchers and expenses were properly filed and supporting documentation was attached for all expenses. After visiting a few of the sites and meeting with lab mentors, it become so clear to me why this project is so important to the people of Malawi and why providing excellent financial support is essential.