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Researcher's Alert for March 6, 2014

. 2013 GRASP and GCAT Awardees announced

GRASP Awardees

Research Affairs is pleased to announce the latest GRASP awards. Sixteen applications were received from 29 different co-investigators. They were reviewed and scored by 15 to 27 individuals from a panel of senior researchers. All the applicants will shortly receive summaries of the reviewers comments.  Based on the combined scores of the reviewers, three projects with investigators from three different schools were selected for funding, fulfilling our goal to encourage collaborative research between researchers in various parts of the institution. The funded applications include basic laboratory research, translational studies, clinical projects and environmental.

Please join us in congratulating Drs. Danilo Boskovic, Steve Dunbar, Serkan Inceoglu, Takkin Lo, Traci Marin, and Rodrigo Viecilli. We earnestly hope that their studies are successful, that their results will appear in peer-reviewed publications and will that it will contribute to applications for extramural funding.

The three 2013 GRASP applications that were awarded $75,000 for 24-month projects are:




Lo, Takkin
Marin, Traci


Angiogenesis: mechanisms in normoxia, hypoxia, and hyperoxia

Dunbar, Stephen
Boskovic, Danilo
SM (formerly SPH)

Heavy Metals and POPs in Hawksbills and Their Prey Implications for Human Health

Inceoglu, Serkan
Viecilli, Rodrigo


Biomechanics of Severe Apical Root Resorption

GCAT Awardees

The Dean of the School of Medicine is proud to announce the four GCAT awardees. These four teams of two investigators, a Basic Science researcher and a School of Medicine clinician, will be awarded $75,000 over two years to fund their research collaborations.

Please join Dr. Hadley in congratulating Drs. Salvador Soriano and James Larsen, Drs. Andre Obenaus and Andrea Pardo, Drs. Jiping Tang and Richard Applegate, and Drs. Kimberly Payne and Michael De Vera on their successful applications. Together, these four teams will develop insights and approaches to clinically-relevant issues that have the potential to make a difference in the lives of patients.

The four funded studies are listed below: 

Basic Science PI

Clinician PI


Salvador Soriano

James Larsen

Human cell reprogramming for functional genetics of Alzheimer's disease

Andre Obenaus

Andrea Pardo

Pediatric traumatic brain injury dysregulates the molecular cues of white matter

Jiping Tang

Richard Applegate 

Remote ischemic pre-conditioning for vasovagal syncope

Kimberly Payne

Michael De Vera

B Cells in Transplant Rejection

We would also like to thank the department heads of all 14 GCAT applications for recognizing the translational significance of these collaborations and pledging their support.

II. Search Feature added to the Research Affairs website

Research Affairs is very excited to announce that long awaited and anticipated search feature of our website has been added. The search feature uses a technology that will allow us to ‘train’ it so it will get better all the time. Questions or comments? Please send an email to