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Researcher's Alert for June 28, 2011

  1. IRB Application Deadlines During the Holidays
  2. Rapid Access to Research Funds Sent by Wire Transfer
  3. Funding Opportunity -- GRASP Program

I. IRB Application Deadlines During the Holidays 

The following holidays will affect IRB deadlines for the FULL Board review. Note the related change in the submission deadlines:

  • Monday, July 4 (Independence Day) – application deadline, Friday, July 1 at 12 noon.
  • Monday, September 5 (Labor Day) – application deadline, Friday, September 2 at 12 noon.

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II. Rapid Access to Research Funds Sent by Wire Transfer

Have you had difficulty accessing research funds transmitted electronically from your sponsor, especially from a non-federal sponsor? Ginger Simonton, University Accounting, reports that the University regularly receives hundreds of “wire transfers.”  They all arrive with the name of the transmitting bank and a time stamp.  However, if a transfer lacks additional processing information, it may not be possible for her office to direct the funds appropriately. The money will be deposited in a “holding” account until the intended recipient can identify and claim it.  Funds may languish for weeks or even months.

There are two simple ways to avoid “lost” wire transfers. 

The first is to give specific instructions to your sponsor (or originator) to be included in the “memo” field of the transfer order:

  • Name of the individual or organization transmitting the funds;
  • Name of the intended recipient;
  • Contact information for the recipient (phone number and office location);

The second strategy is to notify Ginger (, ext. 42740) when a wire transfer is expected.  The following information is most useful:

  • The name of the sponsor (individual or organization) transmitting the funds;
  • The name and phone number of the intended recipient;
  • Number of the account into which the funds should be deposited;
  • Amount expected. 

When one or both of these processes are followed, wire transfer funds will appear in your research account quickly.

Please distribute this information to appropriate investigators in your area.

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Deadline: Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 5:00 pm PT

Letter of Intent: Monday, August 15, 2011 at 5:00 pm PT

A key goal of the institutional strategic plan for research, endorsed by the Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center’s (LLUAHSC) Board of Trustees, is to expand the number of faculty involved in extramurally funded research.  One mechanism for meeting that objective would be to encourage faculty from different backgrounds and capabilities to collaborate in the design of innovative, interdisciplinary research proposals.

The President of LLUAHSC is pleased to announce the availability of development Grants for Research and School Partnerships (GRASP) program.  These awards will provide support for principal investigators from different schools to collaborate in pioneering research projects.  The intent of the GRASP awards is to create a spawning ground for partnerships that will have the capability to apply for new extramural grant applications.

Please read the 2011 request for applications carefully.  For more information, visit the GRASP site. 

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