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Researcher's Alerts for 2011

Researcher's Alert Researcher's Alert 12/30/11
  1. Change in Pre-Award Services
  2. Effective January 1, 2012 there will be a change in personnel related to pre-award services. Until further announcements, please contact Sherie Donahue, MS, CRA, Electronic Research Specialist, at x83911 or

  3. Research Policies

    The following policies/procedures were approved recently:

    • Criteria for Research Authorship (Read More)
    • Adverse Event/Unantipicated Problem Reporting (Read More)
    • Investigational Devices and Exemptions (Read More)

Researcher's Alert Researcher's Alert 12/12/11
  1. The IRB Application Deadline for the January 11, 2012 meeting is 11:00 am on Friday, December 30, 2011.

  3. Be a Successful Grantswriter!
  4. Enhance your academic potential and professional marketability by enrolling in this practical, skills-oriented course, STAT 515 Grant and Contract Proposal Writing (3 Units) offered during Winter Quarter.  Read More

  5. Low Post Mortem Interval Human Tissue Samples for Research
  6. The National Disease Research Interchange (NDRI) recently developed the Organ Maximization and Low Post Mortem Interval (PMI) program to provide a reliable source of high quality (1-6 hr PMI) human tissue samples to biomedical researchers.  Read More



Researcher's Alert Researcher's Alert 11/28/11

Research Affairs receives regular requests for information about studies on particular subjects, such as diabetes, cancer or exercise.  To expedite these requests and other research activities, we plan to introduce the use of key words.  To do this, we need your help (and about 5 minutes of your time).

Please review our draft of taxonomy of research topics for the first two key word fields and send it to  For further instructions, Read More


Researcher's Alert Researcher's Alert 11/01/11

Research Affairs is planning a live training session for faculty, students, and research staff.  The goal is to provide pertinent information on important research topics tailored to your specific areas of research interest. 

In order to provide the types of information that are most beneficial to you, Research Affairs is seeking your input.  Please complete the survey by clicking on the link below: 

This will take no more than 10 minutes of your time, and your input is invaluable in developing our training program.  The survey will be open until Wednesday, November 16, 2011.


Researcher's Alert Researcher's Alert 10/07/11
  1. DRA Network Meeting to address Global Research on October 19, 2011
  2. Topic:  Global Research.  Read More

  3. CRC Network Meeting on October 25, 2011
  4. Topic:  Research Records Documentation.  Read More

  5. NIH Update -- Change in Due Dates for New Investigator R01 Re-Submission Applications
  6. There is a new timetable for the New Investigator resubmission applications as announced in NIH Guide Notice OD-11-057 ( and those dates are the ones that apply as special receipt dates with no window of consideration for late applications.

    For more details:

  7. NCURA Tutorials on YouTube
  8. The National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) has some important tutorials on NCURA You Tube Channel,

    These tutorials will be especially useful for investigators and research administrators.

Researcher's Alert Researcher's Alert 10/04/11
  1. Research Policies

    Policy H-42 Research Records, Documentation, Retention, Storage, and Access For Human Subject Research and H-42.A Procedures for Clinical Research Records Documentation has been approved on August 30, 2011.  Full compliance with this policy/procedure must occur by November 30, 2011.  Read More

  2. NIH:  Changes Coming to NIH eRA Commons on 10/08/11

    On Friday, October 7 and Saturday, October 8, eRA Commons will undergo a ‘technical refresh.’ What does this mean for you?  Read More

Researcher's Alert Researcher's Alert 6/28/11
  1. IRB Application Deadlines During the Holidays

  2. Rapid Access to Research Funds Sent by Wire Transfer
  3. Have you had difficulty accessing research funds transmitted electronically from your sponsor, especially from a non-federal sponsor? Ginger Simonton, University Accounting, reports on 2 ways to avoid "lost" wire transfers and how to receive your research funds quickly.  Read More 

  4. Funding Opportunity -- GRASP Program

The President of LLUAHSC is pleased to announce the availability of development Grants for Research and School Partnerships (GRASP) program.  These awards will provide support for principal investigators from different schools to collaborate in pioneering research projects.  Read More


Researcher's Alert Researcher's Alert 5/27/11

  1. Funding Opportunity:  Grants for Research and School Partnerships Program (GRASP)

    The President of LLUAHSC is pleased to announce the availability of development Grants for Research and School Partnerships (GRASP) program.  These awards will provide support for principal investigators from different schools to collaborate in pioneering research projects.  Read More

  2. IRB Application Deadlines During the Summer Holidays
  3. NIH Fiscal Policy for Grant Awards - FY 2011



Researcher's Alert Researcher's Alert 5/19/11
  1. IRB Application Deadline for June 8 meeting
  2. NIH Common Fund Opportunities for High Risk / High Reward Research
  3. Looking for funding for your bold research ideas? Do your ideas have the potential for very broad impact but involve unusual risk?

    Apply for one of the high risk/high reward funding opportunities supported under the NIH Common Fund. Read More

  4. NIH Online Resources

Researcher's Alert Researcher's Alert 3/29/11  
  1. DRA Network Meeting on 4/13/11
  2. Topic:  Animal Research at LLU.  Read More

  3. Health Research Funding -- A New Opportunity for Unfunded Research Projects
  4. Researchers with promising projects that have been scored but not funded by the NIH are invited to submit their abstracts.  Read More

  5. New NIH Schedule for the "next cycle submission option"
  6. To give New Investigators who wish to use the consecutive review cycle option more time to prepare their resubmission (A1) application, NIH is changing the schedule for release of summary statements for the initial R01 (A0) applications and the due date for the next cycle resubmission. Read More

  7. EXISTING Policy and Procedure Modifications
  8. Information on policies/procedures that have been updated and uploaded to the LLUAHSC Handbook site. Read More

Researcher's Alert Researcher's Alert 1/20/11
  1. DRA Network Meeting on 2/9/11

    Topic:  Restructured NIH Applications One Year Later:  What the new format means to you.  Read More

  2. NIH Error Correction Window Shut! Now What?

    Correcting eRA-identified errors and warnings after the deadline will no longer be an option beginning January 25, 2011.  This means that you cannot fix any problems with an application beyond the due date.  Let's look ahead at how to best deal with this decision.  Read More

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