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Role & Organization of the VPRA Office

See the OVPRA Organizational Chart (click for larger image):

Organizational Chart for Office of the Vice President, Research Affairs

The Vice President for Research Affairs (VPRA) is responsible for promoting and managing research activities and guiding research in all entities and affiliates of the Loma Linda University Adventist Health Science Center.

We partner with the research community at Loma Linda University to develop a shared responsibility for the ethical conduct of research and compliance.

Our mission is to make it easier for researchers to carry out their research.



Sections within the Office of the VPRA have distinctive assignments and expertise:

Research Administration
 Research Administration Services

Research Grant Applications

Research Protection Programs
Research Protection Programs Services

Human Studies
Animal Studies

Financial Managment
Financial Management Services

Budget Development
Financial Management
of Sponsored Research Awards


Research Integrity Services
Research Integrity Services

Research Education & Training
Monitoring/Auditing of Responsible Conduct of Research
Investigations of Research Misconduct

Technology Transfer
Transfer Services

Protection and Commercialization of Inventions arising from LLU research