LLU Institutional Award Policy

Policy for institutional awards for students at LLU

The Office of Financial Aid takes into account, among other items, a student's borrowing history when deciding who to consider for institutional funds. You may be required to provide parental data, as well as 2013 US Federal Tax Return Transcripts for student, spouse, and parent. We may also require other data necessary to complete and prepare your file.

The federal government stipulates that we distribute need-based, low-interest loans to the neediest students.

The Office of Financial Aid is most concerned with needy, high-indebted students who are not receiving any other scholarships or resources. Students who have a low ISIR/SAR expected family contribution, meet the preferred funding deadline (March 21, 2014), and borrow maximum Stafford(s) eligibility are given priority consideration for institutional funds. Whether or not you receive institutional funds, the final determination is made when the student's file is complete.