Student Counseling Staff

Julie Albert, DSW, LCSW
Dr. Albert came to Loma Linda in 1968 to help set up the child psychiatry teaching program for medical students. Before that she worked in student counseling at the nearby Claremont Colleges. She trained as a clinical social worker, and has always enjoyed learning where people come from in their families and cultures. Dr. Albert has maintained a diversity in her practice with women issues predominating. She treats counseling as a cooperative journey to make the confusing clear so students can make more meaningful decisions. Dr. Albert describes her counseling style as direct, relaxed, and empathic.

William G. Britt, PhD, AB PN
Dr. Britt specializes in clinical neuropsychology and diagnostic evaluations of Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder and learning disabilities, as well as most other evaluations. He also does psychotherapy for a variety of disorders, including a Christian spiritual emphasis in therapy.

Carlos Fayard, PhD
Dr. Fayard is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders. He is enthusiastic about using the latest technology to aid in the treatment process. He has incorporated virtual reality-based therapy for fear of flying. Only a few places in the United States offer this type of innovation. Dr. Fayard also specializes in marital therapy and is currently pursuing advanced training in this area with the Gottman Institute in Seattle, Washington. As a native of Argentina, he is particularly sensitive to diversity issues and the challenges faced by international students. His first language is Spanish; thus, he particularly welcomes students who prefer consultation in this language.

Cameron Johnson, MD
Dr. Johnson is known for his delightful sense of humor. He has been active in student and professional activities on campus. His broad experience in mental health consultation and treatment provides a rich resource in assisting students with their personal challenges.

Carol Jones, MFT
Ms. Jones has been with the student counseling center for ten years. She has a dual career--marriage and family therapy and nursing--which she believes enhances her knowledge and treatment skills. She uses an experiential and cognitive approach within each session to create a sense of awareness. Her specialty areas include: couples work, grief and loss, transitional changes, women's issues, and anxiety.

Winnie Klop, LCSW
Life often seems to "happen" to people and can make them feel out of control. Ms. Klop enjoys helping people through the transitions and stresses of life. Her life experience includes teaching, parenting five children, freelance writing, and now, working as a clinical social worker. Ms. Klop joined the staff at LLU department of psychiatry nine years ago after interning in the department as a social work student from USC. She believes that clients can and should make decisions about their lives. She is concerned about the physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness of each individual and supports the uniqueness of each person. She particularly enjoys working with women, couples, adolescents, and families.

Bill Roth, PsyD
Dr. Roth has a general practice treating a wide range of issues including: depression, anxiety, relational problems, family of origin problems, stress, unresolved grief, and anger management. He attempts to tailor treatment to fit the uniqueness of each individual and to promote growth as well as symptom reduction. He is a Christian psychologist and enjoys integrating Biblical principles into the therapeutic process for people with this interest.

Ron Warnell, MD
Dr. Warnell brings a broad experience in consulting with students' mental health needs. He values the many years of clinical contact with college and graduate students. He has a special interest and expertise in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Ray Verde, MD 
Dr. Verde is a psychiatrist who sub specializes in Addiction Medicine and who practices both at Loma Linda VA Hospital and at Loma Linda University Healthcare, Department of Psychiatry outpatient office. As an Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, he enjoys both teaching and clinical team work with students and residents in training. His outside interests include world traveling, scuba diving, reading and photography.

Mary Tysor-Tetley, LCSW 
Ms. Tysor-Tetley specializes in interpersonal relationships, depression, and anxiety. She helps students to understand themselves and to cope with personal and academic challenges. In a warm and accepting manner, Ms. Tysor-Tetley assists students in developing their own resolutions to problems.


Support staff

Stephanie Smith, intake coordinator
When calling for an appointment, Ms. Smith is most likely the person you will contact. It is her desire to understand your needs and refer you to a counselor as quickly as possible. She is focused on matching the right person for you.