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Wholeness Portal Debuts at the General Conference

The Center for Spiritual Life & Wholeness recently took part in the festivities at the 59th General Conference (GC) Session of Seventh-day Adventists in Atlanta, GA, from June 23 - July 3, marking the official debut of the Wholeness Portal (www.explorewholeness.com) on a national and international stage.  This was a very special opportunity for the Center to be part of the contingent representing Loma Linda University (LLU) at the GC Exhibit Hall.  As part of the LLU exhibit the Center had two interactive kiosks on display that visitors used to gain an introduction to the Wholeness Portal, discovering new online tools and resources for health, wellness, and spirituality.  

This was a special event for the Center to be involved in because of the opportunity to share the Wholeness Portal with an international audience.   As can only be described by experience, a GC Session is a unique occasion.  There is truly no event which demonstrates so tangibly the global impact of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  It was no coincidence then that the theme for the 2010 GC Session was Proclaiming God's Grace.  The Center staff was proud and humbled to be part of such a momentous occasion, and the opportunity to share the Wholeness Portal with a larger, global audience.  Since making its debut at the GC Session visitors from all over the globe have logged in to experience the Wholeness Portal

If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity, be sure and visit www.explorewholeness.com today to find out what the Wholeness Portal is all about.